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The Hampden Veterinary Clinic consults to Kazmyaso - a paddock to plate beef enterprise in Kazakhstan.

Dr. Xavier McKinnon has been travelling accross to Kazakhstan twice a year since October 2016 helping the company develop.

After starting out with 400 maiden Angus heifers in 2015, the company now has over 3000 purebred Angus breeders with the majority of the animals from Australian bloodlines. The farm is located at 2000m above sea level with some of the mountian pastures at 3000m above sea level. Cattle are penned during the winter amd fully fed with a ration developed by Dr. McKinnon. During the spring once the snow has thawed the cattle are out on mountain pastures for 5-6 months. This mountain pasture is of very good quality with vetch growing naturally.

Kazmyaso have their own Abbatoir as well as a butcher shop in Almaty - a city of 2 million people. The meat produced is of a grade 5-6 marbling and aimed at the high end market, and as you can see from the photos below the marbling is very good and the steak very tasty.

In working with Kazmyaso, Xavier also helps in the reproductive management of the herd - be it bull testing, pregnancy testing or mating organisiation - as well all aspects of animal health.

In September 2019 Dr David Buckle travelled over to Kazakhstan to pregnancy test 1800 cows that had been mated. A new experince for David coupled with the fact he had his birthday over there. For his birthday he was given a celebratory drink of fermented mares milk - a traditional Kazak drink - lets just say he won't be having another one of those for a long time!

Cattle ready to come from the mountains to the feedlot

The Feedlot where the Cattle spend the winter

Marbled Angus Steak

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